Promotion of the Russian language in the world

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17 December 2014

Promotion of the Russian language in the world

Rossotrudnichestvo using the capacity of its representative missions abroad is constantly working on the support and promotion of the Russian language, literature and culture, facilitating of the studying of the Russian language as an integral part of the world culture and the instrument of international communication.

Rossotrudnichestvo at the moment is the only Russian public establishment busy with systematical teaching the Russian language abroad on RCSC courses. For the time being, such courses are provided in 56 RCSC centers in 50 countries. The net amount of students is above 19,000 a year.

Much attention is paid to social and professional focus of these courses and orientation of teaching different targeted groups. Most popular forms are the intensive and short-term courses provided to the staff of public institutions and services, air companies, banks, hotels and tour companies. The Russian language courses for the children of compatriots living abroad and cross marriages children are available in 33 countries. The foreign citizens may try the Russian language tests at the RCSC courses and receive the certificates on completion.

Rossotrudnichestvo and its foreign representative missions annually organize and run cultural, educative and scientific events, aimed at popularization of the Russian language and stimulating the foreign citizens’ interest to studying it; the support of national Russian philology and further development of Russian language teaching in the countries of stay.

"Russian as foreign language"