Vladimir Vučković, an actor from Serbia: ‘A big part of my soul belongs to Russia’

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Last summer, in June 2019, more than 400 young and talented theater professionals from Russia and abroad gathered in Crimea to attend the “Year of Theater” shift of the “Tavrida 5.0” Forum. The event on the Kapsel Bay near the city of Sudak brought together young actors, directors, producers, and playwrights to exchange experience and learn from the top professionals in the industry. 

15 Russian-speaking delegates from abroad also got a chance to attend the event, as part of the “New Generation” program of Rossotrudnichestvo. One of them, Vladimir Vučković from Serbia, shared his impressions of the trip to Crimea and Russia’s main creative youth forum as well as explained why it was especially meaningful to him.

"First and foremost, I was really impressed by the number of creative people who came to the Kapsel Bay near Sudak. It was very clear that it was hard for many participants to choose just one program because all of them were interesting! We had wonderful mentors, and I think that we showed great results in the final presentations in the end of the shift,” the actor recalls. 

Vladimir also admits that, even though he considered himself an experienced actor, there was a lot to learn during the “Tavrida 5.0” Forum. In addition, he made a lot of new friends who he continued to keep in touch after the event was over.

“We regularly chat and call each other online. Even planned a few joint projects with some of them. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to postpone our cooperation but I really hope that we’ll come back to it as soon as possible. All my colleagues from ‘Tavrida’ are great professionals and I’m happy that I got to meet them last year,” the delegate from Serbia says.

The trip to Crimea also had a profound personal meaning for Vladimir. “I have amazing memories about Crimea, its beautiful nature, and the Black Sea. I’m half Russian and I feel this ‘Russian side’ of myself every time when I come to Russia and hear Russian speech everywhere. I feel how my heart fills with warmth like I’ve come home. I’d like to see more of Crimea next time, because we were very busy at the forum and there was not enough time to see all the sights,” he remembers. 

Vladimir Vučković is confident that he will get an opportunity to visit Russia again some time soon. “A big part of my soul belongs to Russia and I get very happy when I get an opportunity to see it,” the Serbian actor concludes.