7 facts about ‘Tavrida’ Forum that every participant should know

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Hot summer, the Black Sea, unforgettable landscapes, new friends and a unique opportunity to boost one’s creative skills - isn’t it great when all of these come together in one place? The “Tavrida” Forum of Young Artists and Arts is an event exactly like that. Here one can not only get new unforgettable experiences but also deep dive into the atmosphere of pure art which brings together hundreds of talented people.

Exactly one year ago, Crimea welcomed the participants of the "Tavrida 5.0" Forum, including 87 “New Generation” delegates from the CIS countries and Serbia. Here are the main reasons that make the forum a popular event among Russian speakers.

It’s all about art 

The “Tavrida” Forum opens in early summer and consists of several shifts devoted to a particular type of creative activity. In 2019, the “New Generation” delegates took part in six shifts: “The Year of Theater” (for actors, directors, producers, playwrights), “Folk Shift” (for musicians, singers, and choreographers), “Contemporary Art Shift” (for artists, sculptors, producers and curators of exhibitions, art critics, and restores), “Rap Shift” (for singers, authors, sound-producers, and dancers), “Video Production Shift” (for directors, video bloggers, authors and actors of mini-series, animation artists, and motion designers) and “Stand-Up Comedy Shift” (for producers, authors, directors, and actors).

An event for Russian speakers

The forum traditionally brings together Russians from all regions of the country and representatives of the CIS countries and Abkhazia. All of them, regardless of their nationality, culture and faith, are united by the Russian language. Last year, the forum also welcomed several participants from Serbia. So, if you speak Russian well enough to discuss the Stanislavski’s system or the work of Andy Warhol, then feel free to take part in the "New Generation" program and visit "Tavrida".

Learning from the best

During the work of the forum, the participants of a certain shift absorb new knowledge at a frantic speed. Here, one has an unique opportunity to meet and communicate with top Russian professionals in a certain creative field. All of them come to “Tavrida” to share their invaluable knowledge and experience and tips for success. Last year, the participants of the forum got to meet such prominent figures as Igor Krutoy, Igor Matvienko, Vladimir Medinsky, Yevgeny Petrosyan, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vladimir Mashkov, Sergey Gorobchenko and even "X-Files" scriptwriter Paul Brown.

Camping in nature

The forum takes place In one of the most picturesque places of the Crimean coast - the Kapsel Bay. Here, the nature itself is enough for the participants to feel inspired. Furthermore, there is always an opportunity to go down to the beach after studies and dive into the sea or to climb a hill and enjoy a sunset before going to one of the concerts held at the forum. Here, one can’t possibly get tired of studying, surrounded by the Crimean landscapes and sea air.

Work hard, play hard

In addition to lectures, seminars, discussions, and workshops, the forum offers its guests a range of entertainment activities. Whether it's a musical concert or a theater performance, a famous jazz band or a stand-up comedy legend, here, one can find something to themselves, to relax after a busy day.
Get acquainted with the history of Crimea

"Tavrida" also offers a chance to learn more about the atmospheric city of Sudak, its ancient streets and walls of the Genoese fortress on the seashore, built in the III century AD. Here, one can learn about the lifestyles of different people who used to live in the region: from warriors and knights to peasants and nobility of many nationalities. Some guests may even be lucky to see some of them fighting in the tournament on the Fortress Square as part of the annual "Genoese Helmet" historical festival. 

Make new friends

The forum is also about communication, of course. Several hundred peers attend each shift of the forum so it’s pretty easy to find like-minded people and make useful contacts just within the course of a week. Some of them might become your friends, future business partners, or even the love of your life, who knows?

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