Bek Israilov, a singer from Kyrgyzstan: ‘At ‘Tavrida’, I used to go wherever the doors were open’

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A young Kyrgyz singer, Bek Israilov, was perhaps one of the brightests participants of last year's "Tavrida" Forum in Crimea. In 2011, he took part in the “Novaya Volna” music festival for young artists where he claimed the eight place and drew the attention of the prominent Russian producer and composer Igor Krutoy. In 2019, Bek attended the “Tavrida” Forum and had an opportunity to meet Krutoy again. 

“I didn't even know that such a forum existed, to be honest. When I got the offer to participate, I thought it was another music contest! But it turned out that the forum was very interesting and useful for me," the musician recalls. 

A huge fan of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, Bek has been performing on the big stage for eight years now, but he still thinks that there's room for improvement. For him, "Tavrida" turned out to be a new platform for creative and professional growth where he received valuable advice on producing and promoting his music content. "I attended all lessons and singing classes, went wherever the doors were open,” he remembers.

Another great memory for Bek was meeting the Russian producer and one of the experts of the forum, Igor Krutoy, who celebrated his birthday with the participants. "Thank you for your amazing music. I wish you to always remain as you are now: healthy, young, positive, with a great sense of humor, and continue to be inspired and inspiring to us," Bek congratulated Krutoy on social media back then. 

By "us", the musician first of all meant his wife Aizharkyn Karybayeva who attended the forum as well. She started to compose songs quite recently, but already managed to become a popular blogger with 213,000 followers in Instagram (even surpassing Bek who has just 138,000 followers). 

"I was far from the world of music and studied to become a linguist," Aizharkyn recalls. "When I married a singer, I first tried to be a manager, and later went on to write songs, perform and record cover songs. My followers liked it and motivated me to focus on music completely.”

The couple found new inspiration at "Tavrida". Last summer they shared photos and videos from the trip with their followers and, upon their return home, released a new music video which became very popular among their fans. The song “Memory” tells the story of the unhappy love between Bek and Aizharkyn’s characters, which is fortunately quite far from reality. 

After attending “Tavrida” last year, Bek came up with a five-year plan for his creative development. Today, he admits that he is still following it: “Everything is going according to the plan! As they say, slowly but surely! So many ideas and plans came to mind when I was at home in self-isolation. Right now, I'm in the process of implementing my ideas. Now we are working on an interesting project, new songs. I'm working in the studio all day!" 

The young singer is still convinced that it’s not enough for an ambitious person to be famous in Kyrgyzstan - one has to expand his audience: "Performers can find themselves in our country but one has to enter Russia to become really famous throughout the CIS.”

He does not hide that he’d like to come back to Russia when it’s possible: "Next time. I’d like to come for some large-scale project or a contest!”

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