Moskva River Cruise: How the ‘New Generation’ delegates see the Russian capital

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For many of those who visit Moscow for the first time, including the delegates of the “New Generation”, it’s surprising to find out that a seemingly small Moskva River plays a vital role in the life of the city. And it’s not only because the river enriches the urban landscape or is a source of a water supply.

The Moskva River flows into the Oka River, a tributary of the Volga which ultimately flows into the Caspian Sea. Moscow, in turn, is located over 700 km away from the nearest sea coast but, despite that, the city is sometimes called “the port of five seas.” Why is that?

Through the Moscow Canal built in Soviet times, the Russian capital has access to five seas: the White Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea, Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea. Even today, one can take a boat ride from the Northern River Port (“Rechnoy vokzal” metro station) to other Russian cities like St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan or Cherepovets. Such journeys usually take a while (1-3 weeks depending on the route) but, without a doubt, promise an unforgettable experience for travellers.

An evening boat trip on the Moskva River, in turn, is a great way to see the main sights of Moscow. The delegates of the “New Generation” program never miss this opportunity to see the Russian capital from an unusual angle while enjoying a dinner with colleagues and new friends and resting after a busy working day.

The route traditionally starts at the Kievskiy railway terminal and goes through Vorobyovy Gory, Luzhniki Park, Neskuchny Garden, Gorky Park, the Kremlin and the Moskvoretskaya Embankment.

If you plan to participate in one of the “New Generation” events in Moscow in May-September, you are very likely to spend one of the evenings aboard of a river cruise ship. Don't forget to take a video or a selfie to remember such moments!

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