New Generation’s Partners: ‘SputnikPro World’ School of Young Journalists

As part of the New Generation program, the “SputnikPro World” School of Young Journalists will hold its next session on May 19-23 in Moscow.

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The last session took place in 2018 and ran from October 28 to November 2 featuring 39 delegates from 30 countries of the world. Participants took part in a tight program which included lectures and workshops by top Sputnik professionals.

Sputnik ( ​ is one of the biggest international media outlets, combining multimedia websites of various countries and regions in 32 languages, analogue and digital broadcasting in Russian, English and French in 80 cities of the world and in Internet.

Sputnik's newsfeed provides information for the leading media all over the world in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese, around the clock. The audience of Sputnik is more than 50 million users monthly, and the number of subscribers of Sputnik China account in Weibo reaches nearly 9 million. More than one thousand people of different ethnicities work in 22 editorial centers around the world, from Beijing to Montevideo. Sputnik is a branch of  Rossiya Segodnya media group. The head office of Sputnik is in Moscow.

SputnikPro is an international project aimed at exchange of experience with foreign colleague, development of international media communication and intercultural ties between journalists. Journalists of the leading media resources from 61 countries of the world visited Moscow within the framework of 4 sessions of the project. ​ Regarding the results of the program, the project received positive reviews. Many journalists said that the trip radically changed the image of Russia for them. Altogether more than 15 essays were published by the participants about the program and their experiences in Moscow, including the article in the leading Ecuadorian newspaper El Telegrafo, materials of REDE TV (Brazil), Al Sumaria (Iraq), Bernama News Channel (Malaysia), New Vision (Uganda), on the website of the biggest Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram, "Channel Africa" radio station (South Africa).

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