Young journalists – delegates of the program “New Generation”: “Our goal is to promote the idea of peace”

Young journalists and bloggers from the CIS countries, the EU, the Baltic States, the BRICS countries and the SCO countries visited the Krasnodar region under the program of short-term study tours for foreigners "New Generation" and participated in the International school of young media activists "We want to live in peace." The rally of young media professionals was timed to the United Nations International Day of Peace.

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Participates from China, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Hungary and other countries attended the trainings on teamwork and tolerance, during which they discussed the need for adoption such ideas as the value of each individual, the need to fight racial, religious and cultural intolerance in modern media.

A meeting with the representatives from Rossotrudnichestvo, as well as lectures by Russian experts of the Civic Chamber, the Council of the Federation and International Human Rights Movement “World Without Nazism” was dedicated to the important issues of the modern world, along with the problems of the growing extremism and the revival of Nazism in some countries.

“It is very important that this time young media-activists became the participants of the program “New Generation”, as they will be able to translate the key ideas and principles of tolerance to a wide audience in their countries”, — said the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Lyubov Glebova.

The delegates of the program “New Generation” noted the importance of holding such conferences, giving the opportunity to meet with colleagues from other countries to share ideas on combating extremism and Nazism, to establish useful contacts.

“Communication with people from different countries, different religions, different cultures and ideologies, speaking different languages was extremely interesting. All participants of the forum made friends on the first day. Well then we’ll be able to sincerely convey a positive attitude to other people in the audience”.

Following the event, the participants of the International School prepared and adopted a Charter against hate on the Internet. 

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