Leading politicians, economists and scientists said in Rome about the fundamental role of Russia in Europe

A two-day conference on the strategic future of Italian-Russian relations, organized by the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Rome in partnership with the analytical structures of the capital's University of Sapienza, brought together famous Italian politicians, representatives of the energy lobby and representatives of academic circles.

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During the first part of the event, the prospects of Italian-Russian relations were considered in Sapienza. The speakers dedicated their reports to the historical aspect in the context of the geopolitical changes of the 21st century.

The current geopolitical situation is entering a new phase that allows us to talk about the imminent beginning of the process of lifting Western sanctions against Russia, the conference participants are convinced. Professor of the University of Bari Antonjulio De 'Robertis drew the attention of those present to the need to realize that in order to build a mutually beneficial dialogue, Europeans should consider Russia as an equal and key player in the international arena.

The representative of the Neapolitan Oriental University of Oriental Studies F. Bettanin and Professor Sapienza R. R. Valle agreed that often the problems in the relationship are related to the European style of thinking, which is difficult to adapt to the realities of the modern world. Summarizing his speech, R. Walle for a better understanding of Russia advised those interested in this subject to read Russian classics, and not politicized press.

During the ensuing heated discussion, participants came to the conclusion that Italy would not be able to realize its strategic aspirations in the Mediterranean region, which is a priority for itself, without the help of its historical partner, Russia.