An international conference on Russian as a foreign language will be held at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Budapest

The 14th International scientific and practical conference «Modern Russian language: functioning and problems of teaching» will be held at the RCSC in Budapest on May 17-18, in 2019. There will be different types of meetings in the course of the conference. They are:

1. The methods of teaching the Russian language as a foreign language.

2. How to apply the linguistic studies for teaching Russian as a foreign language.

3. The problem of literary studies, cultural linguistics and literary translation.

Round table discussions are also planned on the following topics:

A) The new methods in teaching aspects of the language and types of speech activity in Russian as a foreign language;

B) Nationally oriented modern textbook on Russian as a foreign language: concepts and their practical implementation.

The Research and Methodological Centre for Russian Studies at the University was the co-organiser of the conference.

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Applications are accepted until March 17, 2019 via