The Russian-Turkish Public Forum

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The Russian-Turkish Public Forum operates within the framework of the High Level Cooperation Council established by the presidents of Russia and Turkey in 2010. The Council is called to coordinate the implementation of projects of political, trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

The Russian-Turkish Public Forum is aimed at the development of public relations and mutual understanding between the two countries in the cultural, humanitarian, scientific, educational, informational and business spheres; strengthening Russian-Turkish relations through the revitalization of the potential of civil society.

In the framework of the Russian-Turkish Public Forum, there are committees on various areas of interaction, each of which has moderators from the Russian and Turkish sides:

"Culture, theatre and cinema, museum work"

"Education and Science"

“Business climate and legal issues”


"Development of relations in the field of interregional cooperation and local self-government"

"Information Activity"

"Historical heritage, joint research in the field of history"

"Interfaith Relations"


Since its inception, 4 meetings of the Russian-Turkish Public Forum have been held: in Kazan (November 2013), Antalya (November 2014), Moscow (March 2017), Antalya (November 2018).

The V meeting of the Russian-Turkish Public Forum takes place July 11-12, 2019 in St. Petersburg.