Strengthening of Humanitarian Cooperation and Assistance to Integration of CIS Countries

According to the Concept of the foreign policy and long-term political and economic interests of the Russian Federation, the CIS countires is a priority for Rossotrudnichestvo.

The Agency is actively working at promotion and preservation of Russian language and culture in the CIS countries. Through a network of Russian Centers of Science and Culture (RCSC)Rossotrudnichestvo promotes strengthening and development of relations of Russian compatriots living in the CIS countries, and Russia.

In accordance with its functions and powers, the Agency cooperates with the relevant departments of the Central office of the CIS Executive Committee, committees and commissions of the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of education of Russia, FMS of Russia, and other ministries and departments, as well as a number of subjects of the Russian Federation in this direction.

Assistance to development and strengthening of integration processes in the CIS area is also one of the RCSC functional tasks. Site of Russian centers and organizational resource representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo is actively involved in joint programs with diplomatic missions and other organizations of the CIS countries.

In accordance with the Concept of participation of the Russian Federation in international development assistance approved by Russian President on 14th June, 2007, Rossotrudnichestvo in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance Ministry and other federal departments, participates in the development of a national program of International Development Assistance (IDA), in which it is intended to implement projects of assistance to the CIS countries in humanitarian, educational and social fields.

Much attention is paid to promotion of innovation cooperation of the CIS countries. For this purpose, on November 14, 2008 The CIS Council of Heads of States decided to develop the Interstate program of innovation cooperation of CIS member states for the period up to 2020.

Rossotrudnichestvo was established by the customer-coordinator of the Program by the decision of the CIS Council of Heads of States of May 21, 2010.