Development of International Relations of the Russian Federation Subjects

A work for assistance, maintainance and development of international contacts of the subjects of the Russian Federation in scientifical, technical, cultural, economic, and educational fields,  is one of the priority directions of the Agency activity.

Rossotrudnichestvo widely uses the sources of Russian centers of science and culture abroad by implementing a number of key tasks of this activity:

- creation of favorable external conditions for realization a right on the implementation of international and economic relations while ensuring a unified foreign policy, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation by the subjects of the Russian Federation

- assistance for using international and non-economic relations of subjects and municipal entities of the Russian Federation for providing foreign-policy and foreign-economic interests of Russia on international scene

- development of near-border cooperation at regional and municipal levels as a tool for the formation of a belt of good neighborliness along the borders

- development and implementation of regional support programs support for compatriots living abroad, involvement of regions in implementation of joint activities in this field

-assistance to the development of economic and cultural relations of Russian cities and municipalities with their foreign counterparts, application of advanced foreign experience